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Timmy the Attempted Cheater

Timmy the Attempted Cheater

this dude, i mean WTF


Sinus Infections and Skeevy Men

What a fucking day. i have this killer sinus infection. My whole fucking face hurts. I keep trying to pretend that i will be better for the start of work but i doubt it. Its slowly moving down into y neck. this cannot be good. But i ralleyed for this job interview. i am to sick to even get into that, it went fine


But after i had a smoke date. Trying to meet new people. But i had my reservations. It went so poorly that i m gonna use his real name. Tim from Poughkeepsie new york. Ladies you know a tim from his area i suggest you check his phone. Anyway so first of he doesn’t like PETS!. who the fuck doesn’t like dogs. we walked to smoke it was all complaints. Where i lived was crappy and over priced. All of these type of condos are apparently. Then it was all i live in the middle of nowhere. I like living in the country. I am active looking to buy a house out here,  i love living where there are stars. Now downside was there was a crap ton of mosquitoes.  They sucked and i have plenty of bites. Now let me say i made it clear from the get with this guy that i didnt want to have casual sex. Its not like im above casual sex i just happened to have a pretty good idea of the sexual history of those i have had casual sex with. 

So anyway Timmy. Well timmy doesn’t like pets. has a acura legend that he wants me to droll over like i have never seen a nice car. Anyway, who doesn’t like my dog1 BUT I DIGRESS. anyway we smoke attempt small talk i said i new how to do some plumbing. He was above that only lays new pipe. It was weird and i was already thinking on how to get rid of him. So later tonight he texts me asks what i think i said some nice shit as i tend to feel obligated to do. He was like he just wants sex. I was like not interested he was like it okay I HAVE A GIRL.

i mean WTF, he begged to send me a picture of his cock. i was not interested. He talked about wanting to lick my ass. I was not interested. and the whole time he has a girlfriend. who does such skeevy shit. I was straight from the get and he thought he could talk me into it, Sorry i have self worth. and to think i put myself together with sick for him. At least someone else smoked me up. Honestly though i am like a magnet for taken me. JB from college -girlfriend. R had a girlfriend when we first hooked up. B has a girlfriend he lives with and who he knocked up while he was talking to me.  Im sure at least once J has ben seeing someone and phone sexed me. what is it about me that screams i love to help men cheat???]

High on Controversy, thoughts on a goverment shut down, the bible and lgbtqq, while on pot

I have a sinus infection.  And for the few who follow me you may know that i have a new job. I start thursday an i have an inverview for a second part time job today. so afrin tea and weed are my go to. Which have me feeling all crazy like. So no seems like a good time to get on my soap box.

First of this government shutdown is utter bs. I WANT MY OBAMACARE. sorry if this is upsetting for ou but chances are you either have or can afford insurance. obama care doesn’t effect you then. for the rest of us we need healthcare. we have families kids. you may be willing to risk going bankrupt on the mistaken believe that you will never get sick or hurt yourself. but i live in reality. and here we know that cancer doesn’t care what you do. that being said this republican party idea of getting rid of all given exceptions i agree with. While they may want it because it will exaggerate any financial issue assoisated with mandated health. i want it because i think that this is important. This will balance out the same way any increase in minimum wage does. so can we stop whining. 


I love high rants. they really help my BPD ( borderline personality disorder for the newbs) i am able to feel like i have gotten a weight off my chest. which is helpful to me. 


Now to the bible. LITERALLY A HOLY SHIT MOMENT. is it possible that the magical coat of every colors was a dress. in the  earliest english translations from greek it is shown in 2 Samuel 13:18 that the same word is used to discrible a female’s “garment of [a]diverse colors” the exact same hebrew word kethoneth passim used to describe Josheph’s coat of many colors. Is it possible we are mistake jealousy all these years for hatred of whats different. if you listen to J Mase III or the play Transfigurations this is what the bible is saying. ITS and amazing thought. what have we been misreading. I have always agreed with the biblical scholars who say that sodom and gomorrah was about the unwelcoming of those cities. Their non hospitality to strangers. The idea of being sodomized (foreseeably) is not the sin (though lets face it the rapeness reallyshould be the sin). I mean if there was a serious issue with rapeyness Lot wouldn’t have been like no no dont rape my guests please rape my daughters (Genesis 19:8) although i i read an older bible editions or versions that skip that whole part and just call them lustful so maybe the rapeyness is the issue. but euther way the issue does not seem to be with the ass rape (not to be crass but that would be the most logical way for a man to rape another man) excuse m the anal sex. it seems to either be not being welcoming to strangers. Or being crap ton of lusty rapist. not to mention later lot’s daughters, clearly influenced by the evil rapist they were raised with got all rapey with their dad. So clearly being rapey was an issue. After all the isrealites say the Moabites where children of incest rape (that would be todays Jordanians) 

but then again david was alittle moab. So this also proved that isrealles and jordanians and furth back most muslims are from the same family tree